Top tips to simplify Google Ads.

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Beginner, Google Ads, Insights, Level, Paid Search | 0 comments

After another digital meeting with one of our long term clients this week, we are again being told how confusing the Google Ads platform can be. It will really bamboozle even the most efficient marketer, leading to lost budgets, lost campaign ROI and lack of trust in the pay per click system.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a return on your Google investment, but what you do need to do is spend time to really understand the platform. Here we offer a few in-house tips which may help you out, but give us a shout if you need more info!

Keyword brainstorm

Making sure you are using the correct keywords for Google Ads is just as important as the SEO on your site. Sit down with your team and discuss what keywords you think your customers will be typing into Google to look for the products or services you offer, then research, research, research and research again!

Start small – if you offer a range of products or services, start with a small selection of these keywords to begin building your campaigns. Don’t take on too much too soon.

There are a number of free tools you can use to research the keywords to find out how much traffic these might generate for your campaigns, but once you sign up to the Google Ads platform, Google’s own keyword planner is probably the easiest to use and will link directly into your account for easier management.

Create landing pages

Once you have selected a small initial set of keywords the best practice, and the way to get the best optimised campaigns, is to create landing pages for each set of keywords. By creating specific landing pages for your campaigns you can improve the user experience but also lower the cost of each click and increase conversions.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you are looking for a specific product and you’re landing on a page which didn’t say anything about that keyword, the likelihood is you will click off again, wasting that click’s costs. For more details check out this post by Google

Campaign and ad group creation

After the research and creation of your campaigns you’re now ready to build your campaigns and adverts


Your campaigns will need to run for a few weeks to gather enough data to analyse. However, it is important that you spend some time every day checking and monitoring your account. Check out how ads and keywords are performing and keep an eye on your quality scores

Add Negative keywords

This is one of the most important factors to running a budget-focused Ads accounts. Make sure once a day you look at your keywords which have driven traffic to your landing pages and include any that are not relevant in your negative keywords. This is especially relevant if you’re targeting quite generic terms that could mean multiple things to multiple audiences; a design agency, for example, would want to add environment, dating or recruitment to the negative keywords section.