Sticking to the DMA Code

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Beginner, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Insights, Level

As a member of the IDM, it is important to me that Theme abides by the code of conduct set out by the Data & Marketing Association – a code which acts as an agreement between Theme, the DMA and our customers.

The code gives guidance on how we can use our customers’ data in a responsible way, and is made up of the following tenets:

Putting your customer first: Value your customer, understand their needs and offer relevant products and services. Essentially, if they’ve given us permission to keep and use your personal information, it’s our responsibility to ensure we only use that to reach out with things they care about and would find useful.

Respect privacy: Customers have a clear understanding of the value exchange when sharing personal information. With that comes the need to remain sensitive to those customers – be open, honest and transparent upfront about why and how you’re collecting data, and to recognise vulnerable customers and market them accordingly.

Be honest and fair: Companies explain in plain terms what data they are collecting, why it is useful to them, the benefit to the customer of providing their personal data and how the company will be a good steward of that data while it is in their control.

Be diligent with data: Treat your customer’s personal data with the utmost care and respect. Equally, you must ensure the data you hold is up-to-date, secure, processed lawfully and limited only to the information you need.

Take responsibility: Act responsibly at all times and honour your accountability. This includes taking responsibility for the entire customer experience whether it’s being dealt with by you or a third-party.

All the above is in addition to legislation like GDPR, and while it doesn’t come with the same legal ramifications it does tell us, as a digital marketing agency, how we should exceed our statutory obligations.

Why should you care? Because the idea of putting your customer first isn’t just good for your customer – it’s good for you. By only reaching out to them with content and information that meets their needs, answers their questions and gives them inspiration, they will thank you with increased trust, loyalty and custom.

Putting your customers first is Theme’s way of putting our customers first.