Maximise your customer data with Opt-in marketing

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Beginner, Email Marketing, Facebook, Facebook Ads

Opt-in marketing is a type of permission marketing where you offer a formal opt-in process for consumer/users to receive follow-up communications and offers. It has become more important than ever in modern day marketing due to GDPR. With Data protection coming into play, ensuring your website has opt-in functionality is vital. The process ensures recipients are fully aware that they will receive additional information in the future. To maximise the use of this, you need to provide a user with many opportunities to register.

There are many examples in how this can be done, such as a live chat, a contact form or a subscriber box placed on your website. These have become a highly effective on boarding tools with audience members. As they are already on your website, showing interest, why not provide them with an option to receive further information. This can be particularly useful if you are able to track what product/service they are interested in. Ultimately leading better data segmentation and more targeted marketing.

However, what if you wanted to start your lead procurement at an earlier stage? Facebook now provides the ability to begin your lead capture. If you consider the opportunities of using paid PPC, you have access to Facebook Lead Ads. After the initial post, a user will click the ad link where they are taken to a page with more information and a call to action to register interest with their details. This provides you with a way to build a database of new leads from selected locations, age and genders of your choice. Once collected, this opt-in functionality maximises your use of email marketing. Therefore, a useful first step is maximising the size of this database, and this is where opt-in marketing can help.

With email marketing being a great way to drive traffic, nurture leads and promote sales, it is a powerful tool for maximising the effectiveness of your data. With these options to increase your opt-in data, you will be able to utilise and include this cheaper marketing option in your communication strategy.