Benefits of Bing Ads in your PPC strategy

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Beginner, Google Ads, Insights, Level, Paid Search

When considering your search ad strategy, of course, most of your budget should be allocated for Google Ads, however Bing AdWords should never be forgotten. With cheaper ad costs and over 100 million unique searches a month, Bing AdWords provides a useful platform to test ad headlines and descriptions at a reduced cost with still a significant audience size.

Bing AdWords are set up with a similar structure to Google, with 30-character limit headlines. This allows users to experiment with 3 headline options to see which is most effective. Using this and the testing of keywords to identify those with the best quality score, Bing Ads actually have a better ROI for many industries despite its smaller reach. Due to the high volume of competitors on Google, the average cost per click is 60% lower.

Once you understand the campaign structure that works for you, your audience and business goals, you can then apply this to the wider market with Google ads. This additional step means you can test the locations, headlines and ad keywords at a cheaper rate, avoiding any loss of budget when using Google ads.

As well as this, Google also has the added benefit of retargeting audiences. This ensures your ads are seen by those who have previously shown interest in your website, ensuring campaigns can be set up to maximise your ROI.

This strategy, plus the tracking features of Google Analytics and Tag manager, you can create a PPC campaign structure perfectly fitted around your business goals.