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coeliac uk gluten free lottery proposal

To handle the asset creation and messaging for Coeliac UK’s Gluten Free Lottery, working with departments from Coeliac UK and a third-party digital agency.


Nick Capehorn, FIDM, UXC
Jo Aslin, Creative Director
Jack Barnes, Digital Marketing Specialist


Social Media
User Experience / Customer Journey

paid search visuals


conversion rate on google ads vs avg of 3.17%


increase in holiday bookings following Google Ads campaign


reduction in cost per lead following account restructure


CTR within one month of account setup for new business


savings per lead following facebook ad campaign

facebook leads in one month vs 8 from google ads under previous agency


increase in attendance to conference following social campaign


CTR on facebook ads vs 0.9% avg for similar ads

Nick and his team were excellent to work with. They helped bring our vision to life, and during the process, were extremely responsive, even putting in extra hours to make sure we met our launch date. I have worked with many agencies throughout my career and Theme was by far the best.

Pamela La Forgia, Local Buzz


Although we wouldn’t be handling the strategy of the campaign – and we’d suggest we work both with Coeliac UK and the chosen digital agency on the finer points so we know exactly what content is needed – our knowledge of running Facebook campaigns, and the intricacies of messaging, means we are well-placed to create winning messaging.

This includes:

  • adherence to the no / limited text rule: Facebook demands a minimal amount of text to ensure your ad is as widely seen as possible, because testing showed images with too much text had less engagement (and therefore less money for Facebook!).
  • writing of compelling title and body text: our in-house copywriters have experience writing stand-out content for a range of businesses and charities across a range of platforms.
  • writing for Facebook best practice: testing shows several bits of received wisdom or intuition doesn’t hold true on Facebook. Large-scale split testing campaigns by social advertising platform AdEspresso – part of the Hootsuite family – has revealed numerous insights that often go against marketing common sense, and by using those insights we can ensure we’re standing out from the competition who are going with their gut, and instead are crafting content that actually gets results.


For this project we would suggest an initial discovery meeting with key stakeholders at Coeliac UK. This will give us a complete idea of the target audiences, the pain points that need to be overcome, key messaging goals, KPIs and past successes, failures and gaps in the marketing.

From there we will be able to create a suite of messaging and imagery designed to reach these different audiences and achieve stand-out.

These variants will take into account the different messaging ‘types’, ranging from simple “Play now and win” type messaging through to the more emotive messaging where the prize is seen as secondary (this follows on from our chat about behavioural economics and the example of the ad executive rewriting a blind man’s board to increase donations).

It may be that not all messaging types are tested equally, or even used (that will be largely down to the digital agency’s strategy), but we’ll ensure Coeliac UK has options covering the main messaging variations that will best appeal to each audience.

Broadly, these messaging examples would be:

  • simple prize-led – Play today and you could win £XX,XXX
  • mixture of prize & emotion – Help Tim enjoy his next birthday cake and you could win £XX,XXX
  • emotion – Help Tim enjoy the birthday he deserves – cake included!

We’ll create assets to best support these messages, sized for Facebook in the first instance. We will at this stage make sure that, where possible, these assets can be easily converted into different sizes and orientations should Coeliac UK wish to increase their online reach.


increase in job applications following new site launch


reduction in homepage bounce rate following a redesign – from 70% down to 32%


increase in online visibility for vocational dance school following SEO


increase in demo bookings for Saas company following email and landing page CRO

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Theme Group is a good external marketing partner for our business, with helpful, useful content in a great design format for our audience. We have extended our socially reach significantly since working with Theme Group.

James Lawrence, Ex-Military Careers